IPO Technologie

French manufacturer of PC, Panel PC and industrial monitor



Industrial IT specialist since 1990, IPO Technologie products are made and/or integrated in France to involve high quality, reliable and long lasting materials.



IPO Technologie – some figures

IPO Technologie has been created in 1990 on a simple concept : propose to our customers PC, Panel PC and monitor specially designed to resist to extreme environments.

Since then, the IPO Technologie teams managed to develop products, brands and projects of high technological quality for the highest profit of all the customers.



The IPO Technologie advantages

IPO technologie advantages

Present on the whole territory, our young, reactive and competent team is always in touch with you.

At each step of your project IPO Technologie propose you personalized and targeted advice and supports.

Your needs and your expectations are in the center of any approach. Taking into account your project, our team set up with you the best solution.

– Evaluation and assistance to the definition
– Management of project
– Certification and trials
– Manufacturing and/or integration
– Technical Support
– Hot line
– Maintenance

Our Research and development department studies your specifications to estimate all the possibilities of your project.

Our team of professionals and engineers, insures you a dynamic collaboration based on its experience, its skills and a long-term vision of your projects.

Our R&D department skills:
– Mechanical Design: software 3D CAD, Top Solid …
– Electronic Design: Eagle software, Library of Bios …
– IT Design: Microsoft Certification TM, Novell TM, Linux …
– Industrialization: cabling software, Autocad, Inventor Pro cabling…

IPO technologie have a wide catalog of varied and relevant products, however when these products are not in adequacy with your needs we have the possibility of implementing specific developments.

Since his creation IPO Technologie commited to supply to professionals, PC, Panels PC and industrial monitors specifically adapted to their applications. So, we integrate from the study of your specifications the distinctive characteristics of your need, to propose you a solution dedicated to your stakes, technologically relevant and sustainable.

Implementation of Customers’project – specific Developments:
– Analysis of the context, expression of needs and\or study of the specifications
– technical and financial proposal
– planning
– developments and trails
– Industrialization
– delivery
– corrective or progressive maintenance

All our products are certified and tested.
The standards requirements are integrated to our systems according to your needs.
IPO Technologie products are made and/or integrated in France

We have 2 production sites near Lyon:
– production capacity: approximately 800 systems by month
– 70 % of IPO Technologie commercialised products came from our catalog and of our specific development (PC shoe box, Panel PC, Industrial Monitor…)

The training of your teams seems to us essential for a controled and successful use of our materials
We have technicians’ team who can train you on-site or in our offices for an effective and long-lasting use of all our equipments: PC, Panel Pc, industrial monitors or for any other solutions proposed by IPO Technologie: real time display, dynamic solution…

In every stage we certify, test and validate all the systems by respecting the standards and the current requirements:
– waterproof test, test in steam room (-40°C in +75°C), climatic test, acoustic and vibration’ test…
– An ESD protection equips our whole production line, test and packaging.

– All products is certified and tested by laboratories.

Established procedures allow you to follow all the interventions and to estimate the reactivity of our teams.
During all the life expectancy of your product, our team of advisers answers your questions and guides you.
For more information refer to the page “support” of this site.

Businesses expertise

IPO Technologie products

A complete control

We have developed a wide range of products to which we bring constant improvements due to the technical and technological evolutions

Integration product

Quality partnership

IPO Technologie set up numerous partnerships with various recognized suppliers to propose you the the most adapted solution to your requests.

Semi-custom / Custom product

A unique customization

With 20 % of its staff dedicated to the R&D, important means and conception tools, IPO Technologie is able to answer all standard or specific demands.