ANETT – The company

Specializing in the rental and laundry of textile and hygiene products, ANETT combines efficiency and proximity, and has been working with its customers for more than 80 years to provide a high quality service.

This attention to quality and efficiency is also reflected in the choice of its partners and suppliers. For example, since 2015, ANETT has been working with the French company IPO Technologie for the supply of resistant and high-performance panels PC for all the various Group’s locations



80,000 tons of laundry are processed each year by ANETT’s 23 establishments in France for the 15,000 loyal customers of the brand. To succeed in this daily challenge, you need reliable and efficient equipment at every step of the process. Confronted in the past with maintenance problems on the panels PC of its working lines, since 2015 ANETT has chosen safety by working with the IPO Technologie company, one of the latest French manufacturers of PC, panels PC and screens adapted to the environments With hard constraints.


The “all in one” PCs used on working chains are subject to many technical constraints (dust, vibrations, temperature variations, projections) as well as of installation and use. The panel PCs must adapt to the existing installation, be installed quickly and allow easy maintenance or upgrades.

IPO Technologie’s SOLUTIONS

The IPO Technologie teams have therefore proposed to ANETT VITUS-19SQART, an industrial panel PC in metal box with a 19 inches touchscreen, equipped with an Intel® Atom ™ Quad Core E3845 processor.
This “all-in-one” PC is waterproof IP65 on front face and completely fanless, its touchscreen can be used with gloves, it perfectly fits the ANETT specifications which was looking for more reliable and robust tools.
Since 2015, IPO Technologie, which designs, manufactures and integrates all its panel PCs in France, has supplied more than 50 VITUS-19SQART to the various ANETT installations.

In early 2017, IPO Technologie delivered its new panel PC FUTURA, available in 48 hours thanks to the new concept established specially for this product range. Satisfied in the smooth functioning of the VITUS Range, ANETT renew its confidence in IPO Technologie products through this adoption of these new panel PCs. The FUTURA-18WQA are panel PCs in metal box, screen 18.5 inches, equipped with an Intel® Atom ™ Quad Core processor. With its specific design and their practical ergonomic handle, they can be adapted as well in industrial environments as more traditional environments (reception, trade, etc.). Their touchscreen is multitouch (usable with gloves), they are fanless and IP65 on front face. This new panel PC launched in November 2016 has a 5 year warranty and is available on stock – 48 hours delivery (standard configuration product).

We hope that this successful collaboration continues so that ANETT continues to benefit from the IPO Technologie’s innovation.