Successively bought by SAVIEM then RENAULT, TEXELIS participates to the History of aeronautics and industrial vehicle in Limoges since 1939. Independent company since October 2009, TEXELIS is specialized in the design and manufacture of bridge and high performance kinematic chains dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles.

To support its development and participate in its innovation projects, TEXELIS has contacted IPO Technologie to improve its production tools and management of information

TEXELIS works with the very demanding sectors of the Aeronautics, Railway and Defense which is expecting for high reliability pieces.

Each day the production instructions must be updated, adjusted and communicated to the teams. The display of these production and quality data is therefore essential to make the working day go smoothly. Working with major contractors from these sectors, TEXELIS also needed to modernize its image directly from reception point for its visitors and suppliers. In order to work on this cohesion, TEXELIS wanted to animate different “strategical” places (reception, staff room, production …) by relaying relevant information adapted to each place:
• visitors’ reception
• manufacturing indicators
• quality point
• Reminder of memos, staff information …

After analyzing the project IPO Technologie in collaboration with IPOView (Dynamic Display Division of the group) proposed the solutions described below, the deployment of the project was done on 3 separate zones.





In production zone:

Implementation of touch screen panel PCs’ for operators’ consultation.

  • Database Privacy PolicyDatabase Privacy Policy
  • Use with gloves
  • Operating in industrial environments: shocks, vibrations, dust…

IPO Technologie has proposed rugged touchscreen panel Pc in metal cased: VITUS 17-SQART

VITUS-17SQART is an industrial panel PC in metal cased, its 17inches touch screen offer a good lisibility and visibility whatever your viewing angle. Completely fanless, IP65 on front face, it resist to extreme applications.

Equiped of Intel® Atom™ CQ E3845 processor, it offer enough computing power and graphic performance to answer all TEXELIS need.

At reception:

Communication of general and corporate information for visitors.

  • Transcription of company’s values and image
  • Quick and regular update
  • Use the TEXELIS communication chart for every messages

IPO Technologie has adapted on the reception screen a player with a digital signage software to allow administrators of this communication space to broadcast the correct information, to manage them easily and quickly and to simply adapt the TEXELIS graphic charts to the slides.

In staff room:

Implementation of visual animation in break room to broadcast internal message, safety information…


  • communication of internal message & information
  • Easy management
  • Instant update of the information to be transmitted.

IPO Technologie implement 12x 43” monitors integrated in a complete digital signage solution: material (monitors, players, mounting support), software, tests and training.


The implementation of this project also corresponds to a more global vision of the TEXELIS management, which wishes to provide its employees, who are perfectly seasoned with new technologies, with relevant work tools.