In the Industry and Production sectors, the broadcasting of key data, in real time, at the heart of the assembly line became an essential element of the productivity and the efficiency of companies. Masterpiece of the LEAN management, it allows you to communicate in a very precise way, according to the period of the day and of the place of every screen.

IPO Technologie proposes completely configurable and flexible tools. To answer your specific needs we have developed a complete range of solutions:

THE MATERIAL: the equipment necessarily has to adapt itself to your demand, its location and to all your technical constraints.

THE SOFTWARE: a digital signage software allows you to schedule and to select your messages and their targets. It will allow you to play automated contents directly from your database.

THE SERVICES: to be the most effective possible, a complete solution of digital signage has to come along with a support and with a follow-up throughout the life of the project: installation, training, hotline, creation of contents, adaptation of the information …