Very present in our economies, the service sector knows an increasing development carried on by the technological progress and the increase of the trade market.

We have set up solutions allowing us to answer the most important requirements of this particular sector:

REACTIVITY: IPO Technologie developed a range of products and solutions allowing you to answer as fast as possible the requests of your public and your environment.

ATTRACTIVENESS: we overtake the simple equipment (kiosk, totem, touch screen monitor…) and propose you digital signage software and various contents allowing you to stand out with a global proposal.

SUPPORT: even if we talk about services and not about production, the follow-up and the assistance are just as important and participate. So in the success of your structures in the same way our technical support(AFTER-SALES SERVICE, hotline, maintenance) is at your disposal.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: it is the challenge in any structure. Develop loyalty of a clientele in an environment complex, ultra-competitive and overloaded with proposals.